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Minutes of AGM


Annual General Meeting 2006

MINUTES of the meeting held 12 July 2006, 19:30 at the Civil Service Sports Club, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham.

PRESENT: Tony Clay (Chairman and Treasurer), Patrick Phair (Scorekeeper), Brian Wood (Fixtures and Website Management), and delegates from Dirty Dozen, Fiends, Hangovers, Muffin Men, Odds and Ends, Pensioners and SOS.

APOLOGIES: Stew Jellyman, John Harper, Malcolm King, Sue Brown and Dave Wilson.

MINUTES of the 2005 AGM

Read and accepted as a correct record.

Actions Arising:


The outgoing Chairman said the club had been stunned by the withdrawal of 3 teams from Winter League 2005-2006, the more so because these teams (Beethovenís Vth, SAS and the Rugby Club) had been top teams for many years. Attempts to salvage something by creating a new team out of the redundant players were unsuccessful.

Our competitions were hard fought. A-Bombs won the Summer competition, defeating the Hustlers in the Championship match. A-Bombs followed this up with a commendable Winter League campaign, in which they came second to the Muffin Men who also prevailed in the Presidentís Shield, overcoming the Hangovers in the final. Player of the Year attracted some 53 entries and was won by Toby Cox, beating Charlie Mills 55 - 43 in the final. Thanks to Brian Wood who maintains and develops our website, we were able to sign up on-line for POY this year.

There were two other significant successes for our skittlers: firstly the CACSSA team won the national Civil Service skittles competition, and then Mark Trevenna of the Muffin Men became Cheltenham League front-pin champion.

Tony Clay thanked those who had provided data we required to make a case for ground rent rebate. This exercise had raised questions regarding the membership status of some players. He said he would now prepare and forward our case to CACSSA Treasurer.

ACTION: Tony Clay

Our skittles club had been given six discounted meal vouchers in recognition of National Volunteers Week: Tony elected to award the vouchers to Brian Wood, Patrick Phair and Reg Rowley for voluntary contributions to committee work, and to Angie Atherton (Pensioners), John Downey (SOS) and Stew Jellyman (Dirty Dozen) for their diligence in producing information for the ground rent submission.

Finally, Tony Clay thanked the CACSSA Management and Club staff for their excellent support to the Skittles Club which had been unfaltering despite significant staff turbulence.


The Acting Treasurer said that the loss of three Winter League teams for 2005-06 had reduced our income by £662 compared to 2004-2005. We did not however purchase any new equipment this year, whereas £715 was spent on pins and balls in 2004-05, and our total assets on 30 June 2006 were some £2482, only fractionally less than the balance of £2502 a year earlier.

Overall, our finances were sound for the time being, but we could ill afford to lose any more Winter League teams. The outcome of the ground rent debate was also a major factor in our financial planning.

Paul Collins asked how long the pins and balls would last. Reg Rowley said he expected about 5 years.

The report was accepted.


Patrick Phair apologised for the league tables on GCWeb being out of date. Otherwise all was going well. The system of leaving the scorecards behind the bar is proving successful.

FIXTURES Secretary's Report

Brian Wood reported the Winter League fixtures were completed with only a few postponements and thanked the teams for this. The other competitions were successful also.

We were pleased to have 11 teams in the 2006 Summer League although 12 had entered.

The online entry form for Player of the Year was useful but not quite as successful as hoped, some improvements are needed if it were to be used again.

Gary Lusty asked whether we could allow the Football Club to enter a skittles team to play on Wednesdays only and was told this would be possible.

20 August 2006 is the deadline for entering teams in the Winter League.

STICKERS Secretary's Report

Reg Rowley reported there were 9 stickers to cover the 4/5 games a week. He encouraged team captains to provide more feedback on the performance of stickers, and also reminded everyone that when matches were cancelled the Clubhouse be informed as early as possible to avoid unnecessary expenditure on stickers.


Brian Wood had itemised the various Committee functions, and after discussing them the following new Committee was agreed subject to CACSSA Management Committee approval:

        Chairman Reg Rowley
  Secretary Paul Collins
  Treasurer Richard Morris
  Fixtures Brian Wood
  External Website   Brian Wood
  Internal Website Mike Gange
  Scorekeeper Patrick Phair
  Equipment Gary Lusty
  Stickers Gary Lusty

Tony Clay emphasised he would continue with some of his jobs for a while longer to allow for a smooth handover.

On behalf of the Skittles Club, Paul Collins (Muffin Men) thanked the outgoing Chairman for his services to the Skittles Club over many years.


The Meeting noted with much approval that Ernie Field had raised £140 via collections to procure a water cooler for Hazleton Ward at Cheltenham General in memory of Andrew Rowley.

John Downey requested that SOS fixtures avoided Tuesdays so as not to clash with Cheltenham League dates. Reg Rowley, as former Clubhouse Manager, requested more Monday games.

ACTION: Fixtures Sec

Gary Lusty asked whether a team finding itself up to two players short could play their one or two lowest scoring players twice in the same match. This would be allowed only after all other options, including trying to use bar staff or stickers, had been exhausted. It should happen only rarely, but it would salvage what might otherwise be a late cancellation. It was agreed that wider consultation was required.


Brian Wood reminded allcon that the web address was now cacssa.co.uk/skittles.

The chairman thanked all present for a productive meeting and closed the meeting.


Brian Wood, fixtures Paul Collins, secretary Reg Rowley, chairman Richard Morris, treasurer Gary Lusty, stickers Mike Gange, publicity Patrick Phair, scorekeeper Skittles Club Committee
The committee elected at 2006 AGM
(L to R) Paul Collins, secretary; Brian Wood, fixtures; Reg Rowley, chairman; Richard Morris, treasurer; Gary Lusty, stickers;
 (inserts) Patrick Phair, scorekeeper; Mike Gange, publicity


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