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Minutes of AGM


Annual General Meeting 2008

MINUTES of the meeting held 7 July 2008, 19:30 at the Civil Service Sports Club, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham.

Reg Rowley (Chairman; Hangovers), Richard Morris (Treasurer; Odds & Ends), Brian Wood (Fixtures and Website Management; Hangovers), Patrick Phair (Scorekeeper; Odds & Ends),
Gerry Chivers (A-Bombs), Chas Mills(A-Bombs), Jenny Adams (Hangovers), Paul Collins (Muffin Men), John Downey (S.O.S.),Gerald Mills (S.O.S)

Mark Court (Hangovers), Pett Wilsdon (Odds & Ends), Phil Lewis (Strongbows), Gary Lusty (Strongbows), Stewart Jellyman (XII)

MINUTES of the 2007 AGM

1. Read and accepted as a correct record.  There were no itemised Actions arising.

REPORT of E.G.M. on 26 February 2008

2. The Chairman highlighted the decision taken at the E.G.M. to enable ALL members to vote at General Meetings.


3. Copies of the text of the Chairman’s Report to CACSSA were provided to the meeting, and briefly discussed.  A copy is attached to this report as Appendix A.


4. The Fixtures Secretary reported that, with minor re-scheduling, all fixtures had been completed within the designated term.


5. The Scorekeeper remarked that all cards had been received.


6. In the absence of the Stickers Organiser no Report was provided, but the meeting expressed satisfaction with the performance of Stickers.


7. In the absence of the Equipment Manager no Report was provided, but discussion centred on the possibility of requiring new balls and pins.  The Chairman agreed to organise an examination of our current stock.

8. In answer to a question about the switch from the Right alley to the Middle Alley it was explained that this was done to extend each alley’s life (before re-surfacing) by resting each alley in turn.
(Comment: The decision is actually CACSSA’s (which owns the alleys), but made at the suggestion of the Skittles Club)

9. Comments were made about the slow return of balls down the middle alley’s shute.  The Chairman agreed to request CACSSA to provide some adjustment.


10. The Publicity Secretary confirmed the ongoing provision of information (Results, tables etc) on the main website.

11. Questions were raised about the provision of information on the GC website.  Results and Tables are being provided, but more general information and advertising of events is minimal.  It was proposed that the GCSLA should be approached to help publicise the Club and this will be addressed.


12. In a departure from precedent the Treasure’s Report was reserved until all other Officers had reported so that factors noted in their Reports would provide a more meaningful perspective during discussion on financial matters.

13. Copies of the text of the Treasurer’s Report together with a Statement of Account were provided to the meeting, and briefly discussed.   The Club remains in good financial health.

14. In view of uncertainty about next season’s alley charge, nor an appropriate Stickers’ fee, a decision on the game-charge for 2008-09 was deferred.  The Committee will inform team captains when a decision has been taken.
(Comment: An alley charge of £20 plus a Sticker’s fee of £16 would require £1.50 from each player.)

15. A suggestion from Gerry Chivers that Runners-up teams should be asked if individual trophies were desired was accepted, but with the comment that most teams, especially those which rarely qualify for trophies, prefer to have some memento for their members.


16. The following Motion had been remitted from the E.G.M. on 26 February for further consideration at this A.G.M.

17. After a full discussion of the issues involved the Motion was rejected by the Members.  The major factors influencing the decision were:


18. A broad-ranging discussion was held on the issue of how to attract new Members.  From this it emerged that the most likely solution would be to target the new entrants and young people at GCHQ.  Efforts to engage Civil Servants in other Departments/Organisations in the Area should continue, but it was recognised that previous unsuccessful attempts indicated little likelihood of response.

19. Further discussion addressed maintaining interest within the Club.  Suggestions included:


25. The election of Officers to the Committee was preceded by confirmation that both the Chairman and the Stickers’ Organiser would be standing down, Paul Collins having previously resigned as Secretary.  All other Officers indicated their willingness to continue in post.  With no other nominations being offered for any post, the Meeting unanimously voted them onto the Committee, which now comprises:

        Chairman          vacant
  Secretary      vacant
  Treasurer    Richard Morris (Odds & Ends)
  Fixtures    Brian Wood (Hangovers)
  Scorekeeper    Patrick Phair (Odds & Ends)
  Stickers      vacant
  Publicity    Brian Wood and Mike Gange (Fiends)

The retiring Chairman indicated that, although he had stood down as Chairman, he would be willing to assist on specific matters (e.g. Membership database, correspondence with CACCSA) until Summer Finals Night (21 August 2008).


26. There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.52pm.



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