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Minutes of AGM


Annual General Meeting 2012

Minutes of the meeting held on 2 May 2012 at 7.30pm at the
Civil Service Sports Club, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham.

: Reg Rowley (Chairman; Hangovers), Pett Wilsdon (Treasurer; Odds & Ends), Brian Wood (Fixtures and Website Management; Hangovers), Patrick Phair (Scorekeeper; Odds & Ends),
Members: Jenny Court (Hangovers), Mr & Mrs Mike Lee (Hayley’s Comets), John Harper and Jamie Bennett (both Little John)


1. The Chairman opened the meeting at 7.45pm, welcomed those who had made the effort to attend, and expressed his disappointment at such a low turn-out.

2. He then summarised the topics listed in the Agenda marking the fact that there were clear issues affecting the future of the Club which needed to be addressed. He re-iterated his decision to stand-down from office after this AGM.

3. Apologies for absence: Phil Lewis (Hayley’s Comets), Gerry Chivers (A-Bombs), Mike Gange (Fiends), Hayley Roberts (Secretary, Membership; Hayley’s Comets) – the last two through illness.

MINUTES of the 2011 AGM

4. There were no specific Actions from the 2011 AGM. Issues left for further consideration after that meeting were to be discussed later in this AGM, see below.

5. The 2011 Minutes were unanimously accepted as a correct record.


6. The Fixtures Secretary reported that with only three postponements to deal with, all League and Shield fixtures had been completed within the designated term.

7. The three “Special Competitions” had been held. The Mixed-Pairs (postponed from May), the Tony Clay Memorial and the Player-of-the-Year, had been held successfully, although entries were down. Discussion directed at the reasons indicated that, as was said last year, timing was the main problem, particularly holding the PoY in Race Week (see para 25). Brian explained the constraints he had to deal with and undertook to see if different timings could be satisfactorily determined.

8. He reported that no teams had yet entered for the Summer League, and that there was some concern about the make-up of the 2012-13 Winter League (further covered in para 23).


9. The Scorekeeper reported that all cards had been received. He (again) urged that Players’ FULL names be entered in future so as to ensure correct identification.


10. The website manager confirmed the ongoing provision of information (results, tables etc) on the Club’s website (www.cacssa.co.uk/skittles). The Chairman thanked Jenny Court for her endeavours to spread information around the Benhall site. Discussion showed that eliciting positive reactions was difficult.


11. The Treasurer provided copies of a listing of transactions for the past financial year (A.G.M. to A.G.M.) including the current state of the Account. Some omissions and anomalies were identified and it was agreed that an updated version would be made available asap. The bank account stood at £1,389.07 credit, although there were a couple of outstanding expenses not yet registered.

12. The meeting was then informed that the alley charge for Skittles Club use would increase, for the first time in 5 years, to £20 a match. On the assumption that Stickers fees would remain at £15 it was proposed that a match fee of £18 per team should be levied from the start of the next Winter season (£10 to CACSSA, £7.50 to Sticker, £0.50 to Club – an increase from £1.25 to £1.50 per player). This was accepted unanimously (further covered in para 24)


13. The Chairman reported that the members of the current Committee, except for himself, had indicated their willingness to stand for re-election. He then asked for nominations for the Chair. With none forthcoming, the nominated officers were elected en-bloc. (Proposed – Jamie Bennett; Seconded – John Harper). The Committee is now organised as follows:

        Chairman         vacant
  Secretary    Hayley Roberts (Hayley’s Comets)
  Treasurer    Pett Wilsdon (Odds and Ends)
  Fixtures    Brian Wood (Hangovers)
  Scorekeeper    Patrick Phair (Odds & Ends)
  Stickers    Phil Lewis (CACSSA Steward)
  Publicity    Brian Wood


14. BACKGROUND: Under the new Membership Rules being introduced by CSSC, which abolish the local categories of Associate and Family Membership, such members will now have to ‘link’ to a “Qualifying” Member, at a cost of £43.20 per annum. This does not affect Associate Members unduly, but as Family Members have not paid anything for many years it has been seen as an unjustified imposition by some of them. The outcome has been a threat to the Skittles Club’s overall membership as some Family members have threatened to cease playing, taking their sponsoring member with them

15. REPORT: In the absence of the Membership Secretary the Chairman and Fixtures Secretary (a member of the Management Committee) reported on the current status.

16. The threat was recognised early by the Skittles Club’s Committee as being of considerable concern since it contained the seeds of a substantial reduction in Membership, perhaps even threatening the Club’s survival. Representations were made to CACCSA and discussed in an Executive Committee meeting where an offer to ease the transition was agreed by a narrow majority of the affiliated Clubs and Management.

17. CACSSA has agreed that it will subsidise any applications made by current Family Members by requiring payment of only £10 for the next Membership year, beginning in October. These applicants will have to identify a Qualifying (Full or Retired) Member with whom to ‘link’ and who must co-sign the application. This and payment of £10 should be taken to the CACSSA Manager by the beginning of September.

18. The AGM recognised the generosity of CACSSA but expressed some concern about the degree of take-up for both the subsidised year and the following one, for which a decision on payment will be made nearer the time.


19. Questions about the need to provide free drinks and a buffet at various events have continued since the point was covered at last year’s AGM. Discussion this time showed that these were appreciated although it was clear that such largesse was a significant factor in reducing the bank balance. However, it was clearly asserted that they contributed to the social nature of such events and should continue.

20. It was agreed that a buffet and free drinks (to active participants and guests only) should be provided on Summer and Winter Finals Nights, with something appropriate (e.g soup and bread) for the Festive Season should the Tony Clay Front-pin Competition continue to be played during the Christmas/New Year break. A free drink to all those who attend an AGM was also approved. At other events ‘nibbles’ may be provided.

21. Some players who had won many trophies over the years had questioned if it was really necessary to continue awarding them to such ‘collectors’. The meeting agreed that for other players gaining a trophy could be an exciting occurrence. Provision of trophies should be done on a case-by-case basis, thus requiring a procedure for acquiring these when winners are not known until immediately prior to the Awards Ceremony.


22. The difficulties in reaching people’s attention, particularly at Benhall, were discussed and highlighted the problems in acquiring new members and teams.


23. The Fixtures Secretary commented that, as ever, the Winter Season’s format would depend upon the number of teams. There was some concern that this number might decrease due to the difficulties that at least two teams were having in managing to play full 12-player teams. Meanwhile, the Summer League was being promulgated, although no entries had yet been received.

24. As previously reported (see para 12 above) the match fee would be increased to £18 per team from next Winter Season.


25. Jamie and John requested that the Player-of-the-Year Competition not be scheduled for Race Week. They knew that a number of people had not entered because they were at the races. The Fixtures Secretary undertook to see what he could manage when he constructed next Winter’s fixtures.

26. There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.50pm.

Reg.E.Rowley   (outgoing Chairman  CCSSC)

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