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Minutes of AGM



Annual General Meeting 2015

Minutes of the meeting held on 2 September 2015 at the
Civil Service Sports Club, Tewkesbury Road, Cheltenham.

Present:  Brian Wood (Secretary), Patrick Phair (Scorekeeper), Charlie Mills (Treasurer), Pete Armstrong (Muffinmen), Gerald Mills (SOS) John Downey (SOS).

Apologies were received from: Gerry Chivers (ABombs), John Harper (Little John), Reg Rowley (Hangovers), Phil Lewis (Newcomers) and Kelly Surman and Wendy Hewitt (Yager Bombers).

Brian Wood took the chair and Charlie Mills (reluctantly!) took notes.

Minutes of the 2014 meeting were accepted.

Treasurer’s report.
Charlie provided copies of the accounts which showed a loss on the year of £144.08. Following the decision last year to abolish match fees, the only source of income was the members rebate from CACSSA of £2925. Expenditure was represented by hire of alleys (£2300),cost of trophies (£369.08) and a one-off contribution to resurfacing of the alleys (£400). The balance was £2387.61. Cost of buffets at presentation evenings were provided free of charge by CACSSA. It was agreed that the experiment not to charge match fees had succeeded and should continue and that stickers fees would be £18 (£9 collected by each team).

Fixtures Secretary’s report.
Brian reported that in both the winter and summer leagues all fixtures had been completed. There had been a number of postponements but, thanks to the co-operation of all teams it had been possible to re-arrange all fixtures. 10 teams entered the Presidents Shield , which was played using the summer league format (9 players each playing 8 hands) and was won by A-Bombs. The Tony Clay trophy attracted 24 players and was won by James Gavin. The Player of the Year trophy attracted 25 players and was won by Stewart Wilsdon. 6 pairs entered the mixed pairs trophy which was won by John and Lyn Furley. The meeting thanked Brian for all the work he puts into arranging fixtures and particularly meeting teams requests for re-arrangements.

Scorekeeper’s report.
After some chasing, Patrick had received all scorecards and he distributed details of the final league tables and trophy winners. He also provided details of individual averages. Newcomers won both the winter and summer leagues.
The meeting thanked Patrick for his work.

Unfortunately no nominations had been received for Chairman and Wendy Hewitt had resigned as Secretary.
In the absence of any new volunteers the committee would be:

        Chairman         vacant
  Secretary    Brian Wood (Hangovers)
  Treasurer    Chas Mills (A-Bombs)
  Fixtures    Brian Wood (Hangovers)
  Scorekeeper    Patrick Phair (Odds & Ends)
  Stickers    Phil Lewis (Newcomers,  CACSSA Steward)

Match Format: Given the continuing difficulty in finding players, it was agreed that all matches would be played using the format of 9 players each playing 8 hands.

Other Business

Discussion took place on the importance of making every effort to recruit and maintain players and Brian undertook to use all available avenues to publicise skittles.

Charlie suggested that, given the low numbers entering the mixed pairs competition we should consider making this a pairs competition (ie two males or two females or one of each with a handicap being given to ladies). The meeting did not support this suggestion.

Gerald Mills thanked the committee for the work they did in keeping skittles going.


Charlie Mills


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