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The club has enjoyed a good year. We lost one team, but several of its players have signed up for another team. Summer 2003 league was contested by 9 teams (one fewer than in 2002) with the Hustlers (Cheltenham League version of Beethoven's Vth) prevailing over Over the Odds in the final. We had 12 teams (one fewer than last year) in Winter 2003-2004 league, which was won by the Muffin Men with A-Bombs in second place. President's Shield 2004 was won by the Dirty Dozen who beat the Hangovers in a fitting final. Tim Masling of the Muffin Men was crowned Player of the Year, who held off SAS's Mark Swayne in a compelling final: 59 players entered this competition, compared with 49 in 2003 but well short of the record of 91 entrants in 2002. All 2003-2004 matches were squeezed in before the Easter break to accommodate Cheltenham League use of CACSSA facilities for their knock-out competitions.

Our finances are healthy, with an appropriate amount in reserve to meet the cost of new equipment when required. We are able to continue donations to charity in accordance with the clubs' wishes made clear at AGM 2003. We will not have to increase match fees for the foreseeable future.

Over the past couple of years we have been servicing our silverware to bring engraving up to date and to extend the life, or replace, some of the older trophies. This has been an expensive operation, but we have just about completed the backlogs so that maintenance costs should be minimal from now on.

We are grateful for all the support we receive from the clubhouse Manager and all the staff, who make our lives easier by organising stickers, arranging room lay-outs and buffets for finals nights, and for doing "13th man/woman" duties on those rare occasions when a team is short of a player or two.

The Skittles Club AGM will be held on Thursday 15 July 2004.

Tony Clay and fellow Committee members

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