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Annual Reports to CACSSA



It has been a steady year for the Skittles Club. Ten teams contested the 2004 Summer competition (one more than the previous year), which was won by the A-Bombs with Over the Odds as runners up. An extra team also entered Winter League 2004-2005, bringing the number up to 13. It was very competitive, the Muffin Men are champions, 4 points ahead of the Rugby Club (and it’s good to see them back on the rostrum), with Odds and Ends and A-Bombs snapping at their heels.

We have been able to arrange our matches so as to allow time for the Cheltenham Skittles League to use our alleys for their knock out competitions. We are happy with this arrangement because it contributes revenue to the Clubhouse and supports the local community. The righteousness of our decision was rewarded when one of our stars, Sharon Keeler of Beethoven’s Vth and the Old Anchor Ladies, won the Cheltenham Ladies League Front-Pin competition, a brilliant achievement!

As a result of this cooperation between CACSSA and the Cheltenham Skittles League, we will benefit from the installation of a CCTV system covering the alleys which will improve spectating.

Our finances are healthier following a decision taken at last year’s AGM to discontinue regular donations to selected local good causes. The charities concerned were understanding and the parting was amicable. It was suggested at our AGM that we might find some other ways of supporting local charities without raiding our reserves, but no-one has undertaken to pursue this. We are using income and reserves to give our members better value for money, and to this end we have purchased 3 new sets of pins and balls which will be rolled out during finals in June, we are not charging an entrance fee for Player of the Year 2005 and will lay on a little supper on POY nights, and we are purchasing higher quality trophies.

The President’s Shield will be contested between 26 May and Finals’ Night on 17 June, and Player of the Year is scheduled for 8 through 15 June. Our AGM will be held on 19 July 2005.

We are again grateful for the support we get from the Clubhouse managers and all the staff for organising stickers, arranging room lay-outs, and providing tasty buffets on special occasions: they make it a warm and friendly place in which to do skittles’ battle!

The Skittles’ Club Committee.

April 2005

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