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We were a bit disappointed to have just 9 teams for Summer League 2005 (we had 10 teams in 2004), but were shocked to lose 3 teams from the 2005-06 Winter League competition bring us down to 10! Furthermore, the teams dropping out were from the blue riband set - Beethovenís Vth, SAS and the Rugby Club. Several of Beethovenís and Rugby Club players have expressed to our Committee their disappointment at the withdrawal of their teams and the lack of consultation. Attempts to revive the teams, including some amalgamation, ended in failure. Some of the players involved have joined other teams, mostly as reserves rather than regulars. The loss of 3 teams from the Winter League has financial ramifications which must be addressed (see third paragraph below).

The competitions were hard fought. A-Bombs won the Summer League and then defeated the Hustlers in the Summer Championship match. Muffin Men won the Winter League, with A Bombs breathing down their necks in second place. The Muffin Men also prevailed in the Presidentís Shield, beating the Hangovers in the final. Player of the Year 2006 attracted some 57 entries, and was won by an inspired Toby Cox who prevailed over Charlie Mills in the final: both players scored freely throughout the competition, but Tobyís 55, with two spares, eclipsed a respectable 43 from Charlie. For the first time, this year players could sign up on-line for Player of the Year thanks to Brian Wood, who maintains and develops our web-site services. Thanks also to our statistician, Patrick Phair, who provides a rapid results service.

We remain financially sound, but we were hard hit by the loss of 3 teams for 2005-2006, as a result of which our net income from the Winter League match fees will be about £900 compared to £1562 for the previous year. We plan to develop contingency measures to slow down the rate at which we live off reserves without increasing match fees significantly or by wholesale economies on Finals Nights. The Committee will produce proposals for discussion at our AGM in July, where we must also address urgent need for new Committee members, including a new Chairman.

Yet again we have enjoyed outstanding support from Clubhouse managers and staff in arranging room lay-outs, organising stickers, providing tasty buffets and tending bar where we spend a lot of time. All this is undertaken cheerfully which helps create a pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy our skittles.

The Skittlesí Club Committee.

April 2006

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