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Annual Reports to CACSSA



With eleven teams in the Summer League of 2006, two more than in 2005, and the same number in the Winter League 2006-07, one more than in the previous season, the Skittles Club is showing signs of a slow recovery. A new Committee elected in 2006 is determined to build on this progress and ideas to stimulate interest are developing and will be addressed at our A.G.M. on 10th July.

Competition has been hard-fought, as always. The Summer League was won by Newcomers but they were beaten by A-Bombs in the play-off for the Championship. After four consecutive seasons as Champions of the Winter League Muffin Men were beaten into second place by A-Bombs. Arguably team of the season was Strongbows, who ended their first season well up the league table and reached the Final of the President’s Shield which was won by Odds-and-Ends. A blistering finish by Fiends in the game for the Wooden Spoon saw them just beat X-Tracts who had lead through most of the match. Match arrangements throughout the year were efficiently supervised by Brian Wood (Fixtures and webmaster) who together with Patrick Phair (Scorer) and Mike Gange (Benhall website) ensured results and tables were promptly recorded.

The competition for Player-of-the-Year attracted an initial 64 entries and was won by John Harper who beat Phil Lewis 49-46 in an enthralling final. An innovation was a competition for Mixed Pairs, the 30 entries being organised into groups for a round-robin stage and the most successful teams going forward to a knockout stage. This was won by Angie & John Atherton who beat Pett Wilsdon and Neil Burch 43-40 in the Final. The competition was run on the night by Paul (Secretary) and Elise Collins and was voted a great success. It should become an established part of future seasons.

The final rounds of Player-of-the-Year, the Mixed Pairs competition and the Shield/Wooden Spoon Finals were played in the same week, offering a veritable ‘Festival of Skittles’. Despite concerns of players being ‘over-skittled’ the general feeling is that this went well and will be considered for a re-run next year, with appropriate promotion.

We remain financially sound, although the recent rise in charges caused some consternation. Our current position and likely prospects for the future will be discussed at our A.G.M. after which our Treasurer, Richard Morris, will provide our accounts to CACSSA. Our thanks to the CACSSA Chairman and Treasurer for their time taken to discuss financial and membership issues at a meeting with members of the Skittles Club Committee. Factors arising from these discussions will be addressed at our next A.G.M. One of these will be to re-introduce the requirement for teams to list their members at the beginning of the winter season in order to establish just who can be identified as members of the Skittles Club.

Responsibility for arranging Stickers has been taken over from CACSSA, Gary Lusty officiating, and a policy of using only Family members in this role has been affirmed.

Support from CACSSA officials and Staff has been exemplary, as always, with particular gratitude to the Club Steward for his endeavours to increase interest in our game.

Reg. E. Rowley
Chairman, Skittles Club
for the Skittles Club Committee

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