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Clubhouse Records

To mark the tenth anniversary of skittles in the new Clubhouse (1995) I am publishing a few records set over that period. Please send me any additions and corrections you are aware of. In slower time I hope to extend this to the old Clubhouse.
Patrick Phair

Winter League and President's Shield (12 players, 6 hands)

Team Records

The highest team score is 554 by the Rugby Club, on 6 November 2000 on the right alley against the Hangovers. There have been three other scores of 540 or more.

The highest score on the left alley is 535 by the Rugby Club, on 10 April 2003 against the Dirty Dozen.

The highest score on the little-used middle alley is probably 526 by Odds and Ends in the Shield final against Rugby Club on 24 May 2002. Some early scores need to be checked to confirm this.

The highest losing score is 520 by the Odds and Ends, against 549 by Beethoven's V on 6 May 1997. This was a Shield match on the right alley and it has the highest aggregate (1069) on record in the Clubhouse. Rugby Club equalled the 520 in losing to Beethoven's V on 31 March 1998.

Teams have scored twelve forties on six occasions since 1998 (by five teams - the Odds and Ends have done it twice); it is possible there may have been more occasions in the first four years at the Clubhouse. On 14 January 2002 Beethoven's V scored 531 on the left alley against Dirty Dozen, all twelve of their scores being 41 or more.

The most spectacular recovery from an apparently lost position was by the New Avengers against the Muffin Men on 22 November 2001. They trailed by 22 at the start of last leg, and after four hands this had risen to 24. The Muffin Men scored 24 and the New Avengers replied with 30 to trail by 18. The Muffin Men then scored 16 setting a target of 35 to win, and the New Avengers scored 8, 16, 15 to win by 5 (522-517).

Individual Records

The highest individual score in a match is 70 by Neil Blencowe (Muffin Men), on 25 March 1999 on the right alley.

Chris Arnold scored 72 during Player of the Year in 1995.

According to the trophy records the highest ladies' score is 62 by Ann Locke (A-Bombs) sometime in the 1998-99 season. However the card has been lost so I cannot give any more details. (Perhaps the A-Bombs can.)

The highest ladies' score with a scorecard is 61 by Jenny Adams (Hangovers) on 4 November 2004 on the right alley.

The highest score from one visit (three balls) is 22 by Chris Jones (Rugby Club) on 16 January 2002 on the right alley.

Summer League (9 players, 8 hands, played since 2001)

The highest team score is 539 by the A-Bombs in the first final on 7 September 2001. The Hustlers scored 525 that evening, which is still the second highest score. This obviously means that match has the highest summer aggregate at 1064.

The highest individual score is 73 by Kate Spence (21 August 2001) and Rob Templeman (7 September 2001). Both play for the Hustlers.


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