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President's Shield

2016 President's Shield

Muffin Men  473    
Newcomers   494    

Thursday 3 March  TRR
Newcomers  488    

Odds & Ends   493    

Monday 14 March TRL
Wednesday 13 April 2016

  Odds & Ends   484    


  A-Bombs   462    

  Wednesday 13 April 2016 TRR

TRL : Wooden Spoon contest for the bottom-placed teams of the Winter League:

   S O S      354    
   Hangovers  330    
  (9 players a side, 6 hands each) TRL
Odds & Ends   497    
Little John   471    

  Wednesday 2 March TRR
S O S  440    
Hangovers  473    

 Thursday 3 March TRL
Hangovers   442    

A-Bombs  466    

Wednesday 9 March TRR
Cricket Club   ___    
A-Bombs   _bye__    

Wednesday 2 March TRL


Winning Team :     Odds and Ends

High Score Lady:    64  Becky Scholefield     (Newcomers)

High Score Gent:    66  Patrick Phair,  Steve Burston   (Odds and Ends)

High Score Team:   497  Odds and Ends    (2 March 2016)


Patrick Phair, Captain of Odds and Ends, receives the President's Shield
from Kathy Pritchard, President of CACSSA


Gerry Chivers, Captain of A-Bombs, receives the Runner-Up trophy
from Kathy Pritchard, President of CACSSA


Becky Scholefield receives the High Score for a Lady trophy,                                                                                   
                                                                        and Steve Burston and Patrick Phair share the High Score for a Gent trophy

Gerry Chivers receives the High Score for a Team trophy


The Odds and Ends

All the teams in the Winter League are entered in the draw
to take place in the evening of 2 February 2016
in the Geoff Hardy Room at the Clubhouse in Tewkesbury Road

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