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Tony Clay Memorial Shield

Tony Clay Memorial Shield 2015
a competition for individual players using Front-Pin rules

Wednesday 16 December 2015

Craig Baker and Cain Thomas just before their Final game.
Craig and Cain had been playing well to reach the final, but Craig pipped Cain to win 43-41


Craig Baker receives the Winner's Trophy from Mark Clay.
Craig also received a bottle of Champagne generously donated by the Clay family


Cain Thomas receives the runner-up trophy
and a bottle  from Mark Clay


Ann Locke also received a prize from the Clay family
for being the highest-scoring losing semi-finalist


How the players got on

the 21 last-16 last-8  last-4  last-2  Winner
  Ann Locke  33 Ann  26 Ann  34

Cain  41

Craig Baker
  James Gavin  26
Fred Clay  26 Fred   24 Rich  19
Darren Trower  20
  Rich Morris  37
  Stewart Wilsdon  30 Cain  46 Cain  40

Pete Surman  25 Cain  40
Cain Thomas  39
  Mark Clay  20 Helen  29
  Helen Clay  21
  Mike Meredith  40 Mike  24 Craig  36

Craig  43

Patrick Phair  25 John  39
John Furley  26
Craig Baker  34 Craig  29 Craig  39
Julie Meredith  25
  Lyn Furley  14
  Gerry Chivers  42 Gerry  28 Gerry  28

Chas Mills  28 Chas  29
Lucy & Liz Pink  22
  Ken Pink  24 Ken  12
  Brian Wood  18
the 21 last-16 last-8  last-4  last-2  Winner

The games were played with 6 hands. 
Games with this background were played on the left alley,
games with this background were played on the right alley,

Tony Clay


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